Lighting Control

Crestron lighting control systems offer both energy-saving benefits and the ability to create the right mood for task at hand. Our systems give you the flexibility to decide how you want your lights to behave, based on time of day, motion, security or mood. With the touch of single button, you can control multiple lights elements at once, re-calling pre-set scenes for entertaining, relaxing or even cleaning up. From chandeliers to LED strips, varied lamp types communicate through Crestron control systems, bringing visual harmony or dynamic variability to any space




Motorised curtains and Blinds

Harvest natural light by using motorised curtains and Crestron dimming systems. Pre-set daytime scenes fully utilise natural light, while minimising electrical consumption and enhancing lamp life. Motorised curtains and blinds, when correctly integrated with Crestron home automation system. It help achieve the perfect balance between natural light and artificial lightings. An added advantage of automation includes the ability to centrally control the curtains and blinds from any location.





HVAC-Air-conditioning Control

Take controlling your air-conditioner to next level. Air-conditioning is a standard utility provided in modern space today. Crestron home automation systems interact with all types of air-conditioners. It can control temperature, fan speed, timers and vents. It allows the integration of air-conditioning to mood or scene by triggering precise temperature and mode commands in conjunction with lighting, audio, video and other elements. Automation timers allows specific turn on and turn off of air-conditioning device. It helps save energy as well





Security Control

Monitor your IP camera from your iPad, Touch Screen, Mobile phone and unlock the door with a single touch from any where in the world. CCTV, IP cameras, digital video recorders are common device used for premise surveillance in both residential and commercial applications. Their effectiveness is greatly enhanced when coupled with Crestron home automation system. It allows camera monitor on touchscreens, mobile devices and tablets. it gives ability to open or close door lock from that same screen.





Media Control

Tired of using multiple remote controls, just to watch a movie or your favourite tv channel? Crestron intelligent, integrated solutions allow you to control your TV, Blu-Ray player, projector, Amplifier, Media server through a single application. You can also control the streaming of HD/4K content across multiple rooms from a single location.